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Yoga Vāṇi is a global newsletter of yoga practitioners and teachers who explore Yoga in the tradition of Sri T Krishnamacharya, popularly known as the father of modern Yoga. In an age where different styles of yoga are cropping up every other day, it is challenging to understand Yoga with a Y, i.e., Yoga as presented in its original scriptures and texts, without any prefixes of a specific style.

Yoga Vāṇi aspires to fill this gap by introducing to you writings and podcasts from practitioners and teachers of Yoga from the tradition who continue to teach yoga as a healing and transformative process anchored in the tradition. We nurture a global community of authors who will contribute to spreading the voice of Yoga in its authentic form without dilutions or distortions. Yoga Vāṇi is an initiative from Yogaśāla and is anchored by Hariprasad Varma.

If you are a yoga practitioner or teacher who seek to learn more about Yoga anchored in the original Indic wisdom traditions and lineage, we hope you will find value in this space. We look forward to your reflections and feedback.

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